Filmography/Videography: the works of Kurt Heintz

In the early 1990s, I participated aggressively in the development of the genre of poetry video. Much of my cinematic work comes from this period.

All productions are NTSC, color, and have originated from Heintz's own studio. Dates registered with production titles indicate completion of production. Credits in quotation marks indicate role names in performance. Productions are listed in order of completion with the most recent production first. Images accompanying each production are digitized directly from the video. Many of these videos can be previewed as RealVideo clips through the e-poets Videotheque.

This list includes only those works which may be considered complete unto themselves. It does not include my productions which must be presented as part(s) of other programs, such as videos to accompany specific texts in performance, VR-theater elements, and cinematic elements of performance art pieces.

Passage Quraysh Ali Lansana Jun 1995
Chinese Cucumbers Patricia Smith Feb 1994
H.O.D. (house of dogs) Paul McComas Nov 1992
Vogue with the War Dead The Loofah Method Sep 1992
Counting Lisa Buscani Aug 1992
Night Train Wine Dean Hacker Aug 1992
The Light Jean Howard Aug 1992
Screw Your VCR Dan Cleary Jan 1992
Natural Gas The Loofah Method Dec 1991
The Night I Married my Television Set The Loofah Method Aug 1991
Utopian September Bruce Neal Jul 1991
Dogs Bruce Neal Jul 1991
Sex Talk Lisa Buscani Jul 1991
Shotguns & Paperweights Brendan deVallance May 1991
him + her Kurt Heintz May 1989