a bit of business on Kurt Heintz
 to present
media asset technician, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago
  • Freelance work began in 2001, and the position converted to full-time status at end of 2002.
  • Media asset management duties include establishing and executing standards for a diverse collection of digital photo and video assets, destined for print, online, and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM reference products.
  • Stepped-up degree of automation in production enabled faster and more flexible production on shorter deadlines.
  • Duties include: video editing and compression; scanning, retouching, and color-correcting digital photos; repair of damaged photo archives; file maintainance; charting production progress in MS Excel; researching and testing A/V codecs for new Britannica products; asset archival and retrieval; liasing with photo editors, animators, editorial staff, designers, and software development staff to ensure photo and video assets will be delivered on-time and in the proper format; researching and implementing quality control processes for print imaging.
  • Products that contain my work include two editions of Britannica Book of the Year (in production during 2002-2003), Arts of India (published 2003), the Concise Encyclopaedia (2001-02), and My First Britannica (2003). On-going imaging and video work, outside of deadline-driven special projects, supports other Britannica products such as the Micropaedia and Macropaedia, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM editions, the public and subscriber websites, and Compton's Encyclopedia.


freelance media artist and designer specializing in web and interactive graphics
A major client from 1999 to 2002 was:
  • The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO), where I created the v1.0 and (current) v2.0 websites for their domain, eliterature.org. Creating the second-generation domain required DHTML for an animated scroller; dynamic content generation through SSI, CGI, and Perl; implementation of production practice so ELO could create and manage their own automated insertions on hourly, daily, and weekly agendas; overhaul of site-wide styles and implementation of CSS; and integration and implementation of a secure payment system such that ELO may receive donations online. I did this pretty much unassisted, but for input from ELO.
My principal client from 1996-2000 was:
  • World Book Publishing, where I've created corporate homepages, special feature websites, and user interfaces designs for the CD-ROM encyclopedia editions since 1997. Among these projects was the conversion and redesign of the entire 1999 Information Please Almanac to CD-ROM form from an online edition. All this production was with JMC Studios.

    My work with World Book has earned some interesting remarks from Clement Mok.

Other online clients include:
  • Chuck Perkins, a nationally-touring writer and performer.
  • MediaTracks, a radio production company in suburban Chicago.
  • Miga, a popular Chicago musician.
  • Astropolitan Pictures, Inc., a film/video studio.
  • The Plastics Network.
  • Chicago Theater Online.
  • Amoco Diversity Leadership Group (a corporate intranet website).

Wace Imaging, Chicago
  • Mac/desktop group at Collins Miller and Hutchings, 1994.
  • Production planner, 1993.
  • ECI (electronic color imaging) plotter and direct digital proofing, 1987-93.
  • Studio systems supervisor, Techtron Studio, Chicago, 1986-87
  • ECI job cost estimator, 1983-86

Instructor, Columbia College, Chicago

Designed and taught computer graphics programming courses specifically for undergraduate art students. The courses were the first of their kind on campus, and used structured BASIC and Commodore Amigas, the benchmark low-cost graphics workstations of the day.

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