A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Telepresent performance research wraps up as Heintz installs videophone gear with poetry performers/producers in six sites across North America. By the end of December, compatible sites are established in Seattle, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Grand Rapids, and Chicago, matching the previous peak number of compatible sites in Telepoetics. [technologist]

  • Heintz reads with Martha Vertreace, John Dickson, and others at the Chicago Public Library, Albany Park branch in a reading curated by Effie Mihoupilos. [poet]
  • Research and development pay off as Heintz produces the first-ever Telepoetics link-up using H.324 digital videophone technology. Remote partners for this event are The Poets' Union in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with MC Michael Dykstra. Chicago poets include J.J. Jameson, Victoria Brown, Maria McCray, and David Rubin. [poet, technologist]

  • In a European tour, Heintz appears at: ArtGenda '98, Stockholm, Sweden, where he is part of a slam poetry workshop hosted by Boris Preckwitz; at the Community House in Rinkeby, Sweden, he exhibits and discusses his poetry videos for local artists; at the Stadtwerk 3 cabaret in Altona, Germany, he reads with 8 other poets gathered from Europe, America, and Africa; and in London, England, he hosts a poetry video workshop at a community library, is featured at John Paul O'Neill's Farago Poetry series, and also performs for Survivors' Poetry in the Euston district. [poet, videomaker]
  • Heintz speaks on a panel convened by author and e-publisher Tim Brown for Chicago's annual Printers' Row Book Fair titled "Write On Line: opportunities for writers in electronic publishing." The panel is shared with Alt-X publisher and critic Mark Amerika, and others.

  • Heintz speaks as a guest artist for the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, before a intro-level interdisciplinary arts class. [media artist]

  • The Chicago Public Library "Broad Shoulders" Poetry Series presents Heintz on a double-bill with Daniel Ferri at the Logan Square Branch Library. Heintz presents early versions of his texts for the upcoming Rude Trip anthology of Hamburg and Chicago writers, and dedicates the reading to Christine Garrelly, a member of the Hamburg Expedition who died in January 1998. [poet]

  • Pioneer poetry video artist Larry Winfield curates an evening of new works collected outside the festival circuit. "Passage" by Heintz and Quraysh Ali Lansana is featured in the program shown at "Word Salad" in Chicago, presented by Jim Redd. [poetry video director]

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