A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Heintz creates original video for The Pansy Kings' Christmas Pageant and performs original monolog, at Live Bait Theater.
  • Young Chicago Authors are linked via Telepoetics with the Heart Project (Los Angeles) for a 2-hour exchange of new writing by inner city youth. Students direct and operate the Chicago site for themselves after Heintz's instruction. [ media engineer, workshop leader]

  • Atelier Sub Rosa performance series begins at Zebra Crossing Theatre, Chicago. [producer, host, director]
  • "Chinese Cucumbers" airs on WTTW, Chicago and is presented as part of the 14th Annual International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Chicago.

  • Heintz performs live monolog and presents "Chinese Cucumbers" for The Pansy Kings' Cotillion, a revue featuring Chicago's top gay male performance and theater artists.
  • "Light and Time", a curated computer arts program hosted by Chicago Filmmakers features Telepoetic links to Los Angeles (Park La Brea Arts Center) and Boston (Stone Soup Poets). [ technologist, poet]

  • WTTW, Chicago airs "Natural Gas", poetry video by The Loofah Method [video artist]
  • Slam poetry revue at Harper College, Roselle, Illinois, hosted by slam innovator Marc Smith, with Cin Salach, Sheila Donohue, Dean Hacker, and Jim Banks, featuring theatrical two-screen rendering of poetry videos. [videographer]

Aug 1994
  • Telepoetic links Los Angeles, the National Poetry Slam in Asheville NC, and U-Lab, Chicago, in a 3-way performance poetry video conference. [producer, host]
  • Additional performances with Betty's Mouth at the renowned Curious Theater Branch, Chicago, for the Rhinoceros Theater Festival. [videographer]

  • Guest poet of Hyphen Magazine, is featured at Neutral Turf, Navy Pier, Chicago. [poet]
  • "Living Rooms", a Telepoetic event, originates directly from Heintz's own studio, U-Lab. [poet, technologist, co- producer and -director]
  • The DeCordova Museum, Massachusetts, exhibits "Chinese Cucumbers" as part of a video collection featuring New England poets, curated by George Fifield.

  • Video accompanies performance by Betty's Mouth (a poetic duet with Cindy Salach and Sheila Donohue) at a Goodman Studio Theater benefit, Chicago. [videographer]

  • Image Union broadcasts "Vogue with the War Dead", by the Loofah Method. [video artist]
  • "Wireless Ballroom", a tale of technology and communication in music, drama, poetry, and media by the Loofah Method, opens at Live Bait Theater, Chicago, for a 6-week run. [co-writer, video director, performer]

  • Hyphen magazine, a local quarterly, publishes Heintz's monologue "Beware the Diva" and features him and his video work as part of their monthly reading series. [writer, video artist]
  • "Chinese Cucumbers", poetry video with Patricia Smith, begins airing on WNYC, Manhattan, as part of the Poetry Spots project. [director, videographer]

  • Image Union, broadcast on WTTW, public television in Chicago, features work from the Poetry Video Festival and interviews Heintz, McComas and others regarding their work. [video artist]

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