A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • The "Illume" program, organized by Wozek and Russell in September 2005, makes an encore presentation at Encyclopaedia Britannica. The program, nicknamed "Illume Lite," offers an abbreviated version of the Siskel Film Center show, and brings in Quraysh Ali Lansana along with Russell and Wozek to speak before Britannica editors and writers. [video maker; organizer; presenter]

  • Scott Free's Homolatté series brings back Heintz as a featured artist for a short set of spoken word. [performance poet, monologuist]

  • At the invitation of Julia Miller, Heintz participates in the Musicircus, a massive tribute to John Cage through his work of the same name, organized by the Chicago Composers' Forum at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). [performance poet]
  • A special presentation organized by Mary Russell and Gerard Wozek of Robert Morris College taps Heintz for his expertise in the poetry video genre. The program, called "Illume," presents poetry video work by Heintz, Heather Haley, Wozek & Russell, and others from North America at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago. Heintz MC's the program, provides a keynote speech, and moderates discussion between the audience and featured artists after the screenings. [video artist; presenter; critic]

  • Heintz joins the Eclectic Kaos Group (EKG) in a program curated by Anida Esguerra and Robert Karimi, called "The Moment to Its Crisis," at Breadline Theatre, Chicago. Other artists include Avery R. Young, Tanya Saracho, Shawn Taylor and Richard Richards. Heintz's piece reprises "Bowie and the B-Side of 'Low'" as an e-text monologue, read live from his laptop with embedded audio. [monologuist]

  • Heintz returns as a featured poet in the annual Pride Reading held at Women & Children First Books, curated by Gregg Shapiro. [poet]

  • The Small Press Conference, organized in New York City, convenes a panel on publishing beyond the page, and Heintz is an invited guest speaker. Fellow panelists include fellow poets Willie Perdomo and Jackie Sheeler, and is hosted Bob Holman. Heintz addresses creative ecologies that artists may consider when picking the right venues for spoken word. [poet; critic]

  • Heintz is a featured speaker at Collage as Cultural Practice, a conference on literature and the arts held at the University of Iowa. He co-presents to a packed room with fellow panelist Ben Basan on "Detournement and Collage." His presentation addresses situationist tactics in the video, poetry, and performance works of the Loofah Method ensemble. [video artist; speaker]

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