A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Faster, Poets! Spill! Spill! is an ersatz (and very tongue-in-cheek) poetry game show, produced by Dyke Mike's J.T. Newman, with fellow game hosts Kirk Williamson and Jason Schupp, through the Lesbian Theater Initiative at Bailiwick Theater (Chicago). The show benefits About Face Theater's youth theater workshops. Heintz is one of many LGBT performer/writers to vie for the dimestore prizes. Fellow game show competitors include Nomy Lamm, Dave Awl, Don Bapst, Nikki Patin, Gregg Shapiro, Jenfish Superstar, Aldo Alvarez, Rose Tully, and Sheree Slaughter. [performance poet; game show addict]

  • Heintz is published in the anthology "Short Fuse: the global anthology of new fusion poetry." This collection gathers work from English language writers worldwide who exercise (fuse) their poetry with other disciplines, such as theater, music, and filmmaking, and is published with a companion audio CD. Fellow poets in the book include Fortner Anderson, Beth Lisick, Justin Chin, Aoiffe Mannix, Larry Jaffe, and Jayne Fenton Keane. Edited by Todd Swift and Philip Norton, the anthology is published by Rattapallax Press, New York. [poet]
  • The Third Unitarian Church, in Chicago's Austin Town Hall district, presents a poetry festival, featuring David Hernandez, David Gecic, Shelley Nation-Rankin, and Kurt Heintz. Poet, Unitarian historian, and congregation leader J.J. Jameson is the presenter. [performance poet]

  • Calliope Sol performs as Databitch at the Chicago Cultural Center, mixing original music, video, and narrative into a live reading of "eLectricity", which is part of a developing cyberpunk novel. Heintz joins Sol as the voice of Narrator for the suite. [vocal talent]
  • Scott Free invites Heintz for a reprise reading at his weekly LGBT venue for music and words, called Grinder. Heintz presents a fuller version of his poetry narrative "Burkah", developed since its draft-form debut at Greg Gillam's book release in June. As it stands, "Burkah" sketches criticism and parallels on the visibility of gay men in American society versus the visibility of women living under Sharia law enforced by totalitarian regimes, such as the Taliban. [writer, performer]

  • Heintz again returns to the Pride Readings at Women & Children First Books as a featured Chicago LGBT author. [performance poet]
  • Heintz is part of a revue of select performers and writers features at the book launch Greg Gillam's "Yespants" (Kapow Press), at Quimby's Bookstore, Wicker Park, Chicago. [performance poet]
  • Heintz joins an even larger revue of poets and musicians in a benefit for the Poetry Center's "Hands On Stanzas" program, that assists placing working writers in the public schools. [performance poet]
  • Heintz reads for Elon Cameron's Word series at Uncommon Ground Café, on what is possibly one of the most gender-diverse bills he's ever been part of. Word gathers dramatists, performance artists, monologuists, musicians and poets in a seasonal revue, and builds upon Cameron's curation from Ladyfest Midwest (2001) and other ensemble projects. [performance poet]

  • Heintz is the featured guest writer for a grade 12 creative writing workshop at Mary Senior High School, Marquette Park, Chicago. [poet]

  • Heintz builds a collaboration between the e-poets network and the Chicago Public Schools for a project called Voces y lugares: Hispanic authors from Chicago. The project places accomplished Hispanic poets in Chicago high schools, and videoconferences them to other schools in the city. e-poets.net supports the project by publishing new chapters in the Book of Voices as study guides. Poets Brenda Cárdenas and Liz Marino have workshops in the schools. [project originator & collaborator; curator]
  • The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) calls upon Heintz's A/V skills once again, this time to support presentations of upwards of 70 different speakers' and contributors' works at the first ELO Symposium at UCLA. He earns cheers from the assembled scholars and artists for executing one of the smoothest-run symposia most had ever seen. [technical director]
  • At San Diego State University, Heintz is part of a reading/performance, as a contributor to Newspoetry, hosted by post-modern critic/theorist Larry McCaffery. [poet]
  • Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Version>02, a confab of tech, trance, and cyber artists. ELO presents a panel, called "Start Here >", that draws upon the talents of the Chicago school of electronic literature. Heintz is a key figure, with e-poets.net. Heintz also leads a videoconference with Martha Cinader, of Cinasphere, Vallejo, California, as part of Version>02's entertainment for the weekend. [e-lit' artist, panelist]
  • Heintz reciprocates a video link back to Cinader & Co. for her Listen and Be Heard poetry series in Vallejo, CA. Featured Chicago artists, drawn from the PolyRhythmic ensemble, include Mike Green and Zeeshan Shah. [poet, media artist]

  • After over 4 years of service as-is, the e-poets.net website is dismantled and reassembled as a dynamic content site on a new webhost. Overhauling the site allows Heintz the chance to clean up its architecture and create special subdomains for video, audio, and educational support. More new audio content is pushed into the e-poets.net domain in this month than in all the previous year combined. The site overhaul continues after March, due to the project's size. [online developer/architect/designer]

  • Heintz is co-featured with singer/songwriter Ripley Caine to re-open the venerable No Exit Café for Scott Free's Grinder queer words and music performance series. The evening's entertainment draws some 50 guests... without an open-mike. [performance poet]

  • Heintz performs once again with fellow queer authors Jason Schupp, Rose Tully, and Samaiya Ewing, this time for John Starr's Coffee Chicago poetry series. [performance poet]

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