A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • The GiG, a one-night festival of electronic literary arts, prominently features the e-poets network in two link-ups. The first, to New York, connects with Martha Cinader from her studio. The second, to Auburn, Washington, links Paul Nelson and the Northwest Spokenword Lab. Over 100 guests attend in Chicago. [poet, technologist, co-producer]
  • Heintz MCs at Café Aloha, presenting poet and audio artist Calliope Sol. [presenter, poet]
  • By year's end, web traffic on e-poets.net approaches a rate of 3/4 million hits per year. Most readers enjoy listening to audiopoetry in the domain's "Book of Voices" features and homepage pop-up audio windows. Considerable traffic is logged to the "Incomplete History of Slam" as well. [e-publisher, producer]

  • The First Tuesday Reading at Café Aloha presents Julia Hattory. Heintz MCs and recites. [presenter, poet]

  • Heintz takes the e-poets network to Digital Arts and Culture '99, at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, and presents "New media on a poet's budget: a practicum." The presentation includes a live video link-up from Vancouver featuring Heather Haley. Conference attendees applaud when they discover Haley is sharing breakfast with her son on her lap while she reads. [poet, technologist]
  • Heintz reads and MCs at the Café Aloha First Tuesday Series. Featured artist is Toronto poet Catherine Jenkins. [presenter, poet]

  • With an ensemble of other poets from Chicago, Heintz recites at the Bubotto Salon in Dundee, Illinois, as part of the Milk Pail Days arts festival. [poet]
  • Regular "First Tuesdays" series begins at Café Aloha in Lincoln Square, Chicago, with Heintz as poetry MC for open-mike and featured guests. [presenter, poet]

  • Heintz gathers media artists and poets for a panel that discusses new media and performance poetry at the 10th annual National Poetry Slam, held in Chicago. [poet, media artist, presenter]

  • Heintz is featured at the Columbia College Hokin Center as a guest poet for Russian-American painter Elena Diadenko's exhibit "From the Outside Looking In." The show exposes racism and ethnic prejudice from multiple angles -- in many ways that are typically overlooked -- as many cultures cross-critique each other in the paintings and through texts in native languages. [poet]

  • Once again, Heintz is a featured artist at Women & Children First Bookstore's annual gay/lesbian/bi/trans pride reading. [poet]
  • On a mini-literary expedition to England and Ireland, Heintz travels with NeoFuturist Dave Awl to interview novelist Russell Hoban and document London artifacts that recur in Hoban's work. [videographer, media artist]

  • A salon link-up from Heintz's studio to the Northwest Spokenword Lab (SPLab), Auburn, Washington, innaugurates videoconference services from that site. Featured poets in Chicago include Martha Vertreace and Victoria Rubin. [poet, media artist]
  • Heintz reprises his role as videoconferencer with Young Chicago Authors, linking their workshop with the Edgewise Electrolit Centre poets at Video In, Vancouver. This teen-to-teen reading brings many cultural issues into relief and at the same time unifies the young writers in their missions. Online Q&A that follows covers the writers' cultures, techniques, and inspirations. [media artist]

  • "Love and Lust in North America" marks the debut of the e-poets network, as it links live performers in Chicago with poets in Vancouver from the Edgewise Electrolit Centre. Featured in Chicago were Jeffrey Essmann, J.J. Jameson, Anita Loomis, and Barbara deGenevieve. The show was presented at the NeoFuturarium in Chicago. True to the show's intent, the Toronto Globe and Mail chronicled one of the first cases of e-flirting during the show as Billeh Nickerson chatted up one of the Chicago guests from Vancouver. [producer, media artist]

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