A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Telepoetics renews ties to Cambridge, UK with a link-up to the CB1Cybercafé. Featured in Chicago were Rachel Srubas and Ken McAllister (of the Locked Out Poets), and NeoFuturist Dave Awl. The system was extended such that an artist (McAllister) could perform outdoors; the Cambridge audience watched a poetry performance literally from the streets of Chicago. This was also Telepoetics' first use of iVisit, a new videoconferencing program which adapts to the varying traffic loads on the Internet. [media artist, poet]
  • Heintz presents "Chinese Cucumbers" to the Illinois Federation for Human Rights benefit gala at the Park West, Chicago. [video artist]
  • Telepoetics links Chicago and Hamburg via CU-SeeMe to renew ties with the Literary Expedition members. Featured in Chicago are Mark Ingebretsen, Paul McComas, Rob Wittig, and Heintz. In Hamburg, Tina Uebel, Boris Preckwitz, and Folko Hülsebusch read. [media artist, poet]

  • A Telepoetics link-up to Vancouver is fraught with mishaps as a severe electrical storm twice kills the power to the Chicago site. [media artist, damage controller]
  • Heintz is a featured poet at the Guild Complex as part of their Monday Night Readings for Young Chicago Authors. [poet]

  • The Hamburg-Chicago Literary Expedition gets underway. Heintz presents German poets at two significant venues in Chicago, Powell's Bookstore (north side) and the venerable Green Mill Lounge. In addition, he and fellow Expedition member from Chicago, Rob Wittig, tour the Germans through the Midwest and encourage many artistic and cultural encounters. [poet, project planner]

    For extensive details, see the Rude Trip pages, for the journal of the literary expedition. (In German, with some English.)

  • Teen Telepoetics 3 re-joins graduating high-school writers from Vancouver with continuing students and alumni from Young Chicago Authors. Young writers on both sides exchange poetry, then hold an impromptu question and answer session afterward. [media artist]

  • "Talking to Myself," an interdisciplinary performance by Dave Awl, opens and runs for a month at the NeoFuturarium, Chicago. Heintz creates original video to accompany Awl in three vignettes of the show. [video artist]

  • Building from the relationships begun with Heintz in Oct '96, Telepoetics/Hamburg debuts with a link from Hamburg's Mojo Club to Heintz's home studio. Audio connections fail, but the event continues with live video and text feeds from both cities. Featured in Chicago are Carlos Cumpián, Cynthia Gallaher, and Susana Sandoval. [technologist]

  • Jill Battson presents Heintz again in Toronto, this time for her Fightin' Words series, a poetry-bout-styled event held in an actual boxing ring on the city's near west side. His adversary (and lover at the time) is A.M. Allcott of Buffalo, NY. Tactfully, the judges score their bout a draw. [poet]

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