A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Heintz leads The Guild Complex and Center for New Television through the third National Poetry Video Festival in Chicago; events include a poetry video workshop, an anthology released for sale on cassette, and two live Telepoetics videoconferences by videophone with poet Merilene Murphy in Los Angeles. [festival chairman, workshop leader]

  • "H.O.D.", a poetry video with Paul McComas, is awarded second place in the music video category of the Visions of US competition, co-sponsored by Sony and The American Film Institute, Los Angeles. [video artist]

  • "Looking for a Soft Place to Land" by The Loofah Method uses personal histories and the icons of 1992's election issues to unravel and re-construct the notion of family values; at Live Bait Theater, Chicago; 6-week run. [video artist; performer; co-writer, -producer and -director]
  • "Open Face" features poetry video of Lisa Buscani in a late night ensemble show, also at Live Bait Theater. [video artist]

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