A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • The San Francisco Poetry Film Festival marks two of Heintz's seven submitted poetry videos for Awards of Merit, making Heintz the first double winner in a single year in the festival's seventeen year history. [video director; producer]
  • "The Reality Channel" at Club Lower Links, Chicago, showcases alternative messages to the commercial mainstream offered by video, film, and performance artists, and poets; pilot program topic - "Sex"; pieces gathered from Chicago and southern California. [host; curator; video artist]

  • Festival videos shown at the International Poetry Slam, Boston. [curator; presenter]

  • The Guild Complex's Second Annual Poetry Video Festival cosponsored by The Center for New Television with featured artist Bob Holman. Heintz established an ongoing poetry video archive. [project leader]

  • Circa '92, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, features poetry videos by the Loofah Method and poet Bruce Neal. [video artist]
  • "Relax... You're Soaking in It!" by the Loofah Method, an extensive media and performance offering which dealt with reproductive rights and the political anger of that election year; interactive computer and video. [video artist]

  • Featured poet at The Bookcellar, Cambridge MA; included a screening of videos and interviews with select poets from Chicago. [poet; videographer]

  • "Stray Bullets: a celebration of Chicago's saloon poetry", Tia Chucha Press, prints Heintz. [poet]

Aug 1991
  • The First Annual Poetry Video Festival, produced by the Guild Complex, at The Hothouse, Chicago. A survey of extant poetry on video, including glimpses of new poetry video work and poetry found on network television; concluded with a poetry "open VCR" set for direct participation. [organizer; video editor]

  • "Into Every Home", a suite of performance poetry pieces by The Loofah Method, at Chicago Filmmakers; includes live speech synthesis dialog in performance, projection video, and live image processing. [computer/video artist]

  • "On Division" at Wholesome Roc Gallery, Chicago; a media poem cycle contrasts the romanticized grit of beat Chicago with present issues of gangs, drugs, AIDS, and gentrification. [poet; video artist]

  • "Art from the Computer: An Illinois Survey"; two color prints of non-fractal, chaotic systems selected to tour Illinois; juried by Tom DeFanti of the Univ. of Illinois. [computer graphic artist]

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