A curriculum vitae of Kurt Heintz

  • Based upon numerous recent recordings added to the Book of Voices, Heintz commences indexing contributing artists by culture, starting with LGBT/Q poets, writers, and spoken word artists. The "collections by culture" lend cross-referencing capabilities to the library and enable more specific study of the contents. [web publisher/editor; curator]

  • Heintz is a featured artist at the Guild Complex's poetry tent for the Printer's Row Book Fair, on a bill led by A. Van Jordan. [poet]
  • Heintz returns to Homolatté for LGBT/Q Pride Month, and shares the bill with award-winning musician Namoli Brennet. [poet]
  • The online lit' zine Blithe House Quarterly picks up a non-linear short story by Heintz, called "Personal," and publishes it for their special Chicago authors issue. The launch event, a reading at Quimby's Books, is standing room only. [fiction writer; monologuist]
  • Dave Awl reprises a special Pansy Kings night for his Partly Dave Show at No Exit Café. This program re-unites Awl, Heintz, Robert Rodi, Edward Thomas-Herrera, and David Kodeski, with original music by Anthony Whittaker. [monologuist]

  • Heintz contributes a paper and lecture for Northern Illinois University's Midwest Conference on Language, Literature, and Media. Fighting neologism with neologism, he demonstrates the demise of "the global village" by illustrating the rise of the "hypertribe," a geographically dispersed community organized (and distinguishing itself from others) by common principle, enabled by post-McLuhan technology. He illustrates the migration of "global village" from critical buzzword to modern myth, through personal anecdotes. He also has the distinct pleasure of lecturing across the hall from where he took his freshman English courses in 1976.

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